100 Animated Soccer Drills Release 2 Out now!

100 Animated Soccer Drills
A new version of the animated soccer drills coming soon
Download 100 Soccer Drills in less than 5 min...
A must for every soccer coach - animated drills (clips), no diagrams, moving players. Easy to understand. Quick and easy download. No software installation needed. Tried and proven soccer drills. Sold thousands of licenses worldwide! Be inspired!

May 2010: Release 2 out now! Which means another 100 animated soccer drills available to download. Along with release 1 now you get 200 fully animated soccer drills.
Release 2 highlights: 30 drills focused only on goalkeeper.

More than half of these drills are for 2 or 3 players, the second half for 4 and more players. The clips offer many different soccer actions like dribbling, ball passing, heading, shooting on goal, etc. Each drill can be practiced uninterrupted in a circuit until the coach stops the drill.

All clips are integrated in one small file. Each clip can be immediately accessed by clicking on the menu.

WINDOWS: To start up these clips just click on the downloaded file and the menu will appear. No special software or hardware is needed to play 100 Animated Soccer Drills.

Release 1 + Release 2 = 200 Soccer Drills!
Order the "100 Animated Soccer Drills" now!
Order the "100 Animated Soccer Drills" now!
Get a free demo of 100 soccer drills
A demo version is available - it is possible to learn how this menu works and play five drills for free. In the full version it is possible to switch the fullscreen mode on. The operation of these clips is as simple as controls on a DVD player.
Soccer drills ::: CLIPS easy to operate and understand

Don't forget, since May 2010 you can order 100+100 = 200 animated soccer drills, each of our two releases include 100 fully animated soccer drills. Download it to your haddrive and keep them forever.

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100 Animated Soccer Drills Release 2 Out now!